CuadGraphics provides with a variety of services for the perfect wrap on your vehicle.


Full Color Change Wrap

This is completely wrapping a vehicle to change color (i.e. matte black). Color wrap film comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and even textures. This is a much better option than repainting a vehicle!

Full Wrap

The design covers the entire vehicle, top to bottom. The existing color of your vehicle is not a factor, as the wrap will cover all external surfaces.

Partial Wrap

This is a great option for a wrap on a budget. Only part of the vehicle is wrapped, cutting down on material and installation. The color of the vehicle gets incorporated with the design, so vehicle color is of concern for this option.

Window Perforation

This is a two-way material that can apply graphics visible on the exterior of the vehicle, but can provide visibility from the inside looking out. These are perfect from completing full wraps on windowed areas of your vehicle. Please note however this material does have a considerably shorter life than wrap vinyl, and may need replacing 2-3 years after installation depending on wear.

Spot Graphics

These are stand-alone graphics applied to your vehicle. These are perfect for logos.

Vinyl Lettering

We die-cut graphics to apply to your vehicle. This option is perfect for business names, website urls, addresses, and phone numbers.

Types of Vehicles We Wrap:

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